• Brand: Cretors
  • Model: G43XXDXX-XX-9L-X

Create your own complete small batch caramel plant with the flexibility of using the Double Feature for both the popcorn machine and caramlizer. Mounted on a 3.5ft. popping table to pull production together in an easy to use design. Shown with a Poppi no included.

Double Feature:
The Double Feature is the perfect choice for the customer who wants to try popcorn and caramel corn production without investing in two machines. Constructed of heavy stainless steel, with easy one-hand, tilt-to-dump action, the Double Feature is capable of producing 12.5 lb of candied popcorn per hour.
• Pop and dump several batches of popcorn in the kettle.
• Heat and cook caramel coating
• Add 12 oz of popcorn to the caramel mixture
• When popcorn is completely coated, simply dump out the batch of fresh caramel corn to cool
• Can also be used as a coater for mixing cheese corn
• Steam clean for easy cleanup
• Patent pending design