• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 2297

Colors Only


Give your treats a unique look to stand out! For a bright lemon-yellow color, use Yellow #5 Color Only Candy Glaze Signature Blends #2297. There is no flavoring. Great for use in gourmet popcorn, fudge, funnel cakes, and more.

Why did the name and packaging change?

a. Corn Treats have a long legacy with Gold Medal. The name encompassed concentrates, shake-on seasonings, and blends/glazes. Yet, the uses went far beyond popcorn. That’s why Gold Medal is creating a new brand under the Signature Shakes™ and Signature Blends names.

Is the product changing?

a. Our strict sourcing and product quality requirements remain the same. These are the quality products customers know and love, yet now they can be introduced to new markets with new ways they can be used.

Will the new packaging be immediate?

a. The new packaging will be phased in as items are reordered. For a limited time, you may see both new and old labeling.

What is the difference between Signature Shakes and Signature Blends?

a. Signature Shakes are shake-on flavors that are typically applied after the cooking/baking process. Signature Blends are blends or glazes consisting of sweet flavorings, color-only, and flavoring-only products. These are most often added during a cooking/baking process.

Product Details

  • 1 lb. 4 oz. jar
  • Quicker dissolving
  • Cooks right in your kettle
  • Makes approx 15 batches
  • Directions shown on each jar
  • All Candy Glaze Corn Treat Flavors are Gluten Free.
  • By using our basic corn treats mix plus the flavor mix you can produce over 30 flavors of candy-coated popcorn
  • Parve - Kasruth Certificate available upon request.
  • Weight: 2 lbs

2 lb