• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 2618

Now, Gold Medal makes it even easier to pack in the profit power with the Mini Three-in-One Lobby Master. This wagon is the most efficient, convenient way to turn high profits in a small space—profits range from 78% to 80%.

Included on the Mini Three-in-One Lobby Master are the 2⅓-gallon Karamel Baby Caramel Corn Cooker/Mixer and a built-in Karamel Kool system. It also includes a Pop Maxx 12/14-ounce popper with the Unimaxx system that uses less electricity, and has a durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel kettle. The third item is the Cheddar Easy Shop Combo Mixer/Display. The cart has stainless steel counter, yellow painted exterior, 4 spoke wheels.

Simply pop the corn and serve any of the three popular flavors. The enticing aromas of freshly made corn, plus the action of the cooking, will draw crowds and boost sales.

The entire wagon is mobile and runs off three 15 amp 120 Volts outlets, which means it can be plugged in almost anywhere. The Mini Three-in-One Lobby Master is ideal for grocery stores, midways, amusement parks, candy or popcorn shops, and many other locations.

This Item has to ship with a Freight Line, can not ship UPS!


  • Dimensions: 64"H x 89.50"W x 20"D
  • Shipping Weight: 500 lbs
  • Electrical: 115V
  • Warranty Equipment: 6 Month Labor / 2 Year Parts
  • Certifications Equipment is NSF and ETL certified
27 in
91 in
67 in
500 lb
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