• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 2080BG

Old-fashioned style meets design-inspired kettles. Perfect for outdoor festivals or gatherings, this gas-powered caramel corn stove works with a "canoe paddle" and a copper kettle to produce homemade batches every half hour. Includes safety pilot. Requires two feet of floor space and is not approved for indoor operation. *Copper kettle cooking prohibited in some states. Kettle not included. All items sold separately. It takes about 35-40 minutes to make a 5 gallon batch with the aluminum kettle. This unit is powered by LP Gas and has a 34,000 BTUs. Mixing Paddle, GM-2093, Sold Seperately. Pricing for this item does NOT INCLUDE the kettle and it must be purchased separately. Please select item GM-2082 for an Aluminum Kettle or GM-2081 for a Copper Kettle. Yields approx. 2 batches per hour.


  • 19"(D) kettle
  • 2" handles on both sides
  • LP Bottle Gas
  • Dimensions: 1'D
22 in
22 in
23 in
46 lb