• Brand: Odell's
  • Model: BF410
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Odell's Anhydrous Butterfat is the original REAL Butter popcorn topping. Made from fresh cream, Odell's Anhydrous Butterfat is REAL Butter with the water and milk solids removed, leaving pure butterfat.

It requires no special handling, no refrigeration, has a shelf-life of 12 months (from manufacture date). Best of all it does not make the popcorn soggy like store bought butter.

When asked, patrons prefer the taste of REAL Butter on their popcorn. Why not give them what they ask for? Why not give them the perfect popcorn?

The full, rich, natural flavor of Odell's Anhydrous Butterfat makes it the people's choice. Odell's Anhydrous Butterfat is a REAL Butter concentrate. It is produced naturally by using a unique process that physically removes all the moisture, curd and whey. NO salt, artificial flavorings, coloring or preservatives are added.

When you want to serve the best tasting popcorn, nothing beats the great taste of Odell's REAL Butter popcorn topping!

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